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All about our Chicken Pho

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Let's talk about pho. I know, I know. There's so many more important things to discuss. But honestly, it's been one of our most popular dishes & we've got all the answers to those questions!

It all began a few years ago, when I was lucky enough to eat my way through Vietnam.  During this time I learned about northern style pho.  Less sweet than it's southern counterpart with a broth that's 100% banging!  Pungent meaty flavor with no bells and whistles, just some chili vinegar added at the table, if you wanted. 

I found this style of soup to be restorative and refreshing.  In a world full of palate over-stimulation, this dish really just lets me reset and appreciate what I have in front of me. 

This is what I wanted to create when writing our menu at LS. 

Is it exactly northern pho? No.

Is it trying to be? Not ever.

At LS, our northern style pho is a call to a paleo template, singing with bright colored and multi-textured veggies replacing the traditional simple rice noodle.  The dish is simple, nutrient dense, and energizing.  Think of this as a bowl of mindful gratitude. 

Hope this helps clear the air about why we have "pho" on our menu. It's just food, people. We are here to have fun, draw on our life experiences in travel & food and share what's important to us. We hope you like what we discover & continue to create.

...also I've been using the calm app a ton lately. Highly recommend for opening your own restaurant.


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