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Herby Cashew Hummus

To me, summertime tends to mean lots of raw food. Its nothing I do intentionally, but with so much amazing produce around and not wanting to spend too much time over a stove, veggies with some sort of sauce or dip becomes the norm. And since I’ve had a ton of requests for Lucky Santo’s cashew hummus recipe, now seems like the right time to share! There’s some overnight soaking to be done, but other than that, this recipe comes together in just a few minutes, so you can get back to your summer fun!


2 cups cashews, soaked overnight with enough water to cover, and a pinch of salt

2 fat cloves of garlic, smashed

¼ cup tahini

Juice of one lemon

½ cup olive oil

¼ cup water

Salt to taste

1 bunch of mint, leaves only. (you can actually add any of your favorite herbs to this and it would be delicious!)

Drain and rinse the cashews of their soaking liquid, then add them along with the garlic, tahini, lemon juice, fresh water, and herbs to a high powered blender (you can make this in a food processor as well but the consistency will be a little chunkier. It will still taste delicious though!). Start the blender and gradually increase the speed to high. Use the plunger, if you have one, to make sure the mix is getting evenly, and well blended. You’ll want to get it nice and smooth before you start adding the oil. Once the mix is smooth, while the blender is running, stream in the olive oil.

At this point, taste the hummus and add salt accordingly. Don’t worry if it’s a little loose, it will firm up in the refrigerator. This hummus is typically good for around 4 days, and makes a little over two cups.

We like to eat this with another dash of olive oil, and a sprinkle of zaatar, with a big pile of raw or grilled veggies on the side, but if you’ve ever had our grilled lamb meatballs with jeweled cauliflower rice, you know how good this condiment can be with meaty dishes too! Let us know if you make this at home and what herbs you end up using!

PS- I have some hot tips for what to do with an abundance of summer herbs! Let me know in the comments if you'd like me to post these tips!



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